A Project of North Bay for KPFA


Volume 1, Issue 1 features an introductory article
by Peter
Phillips of "Project Censored" along with
a monograph "
Pacifica inVincula" by John
Whiting. John is a freelance
writer & international
sound designer
based in
London. He was Production
Director &
Program Producer at KPFA in the 1960s.

VOLUME 1: ISSUES 1-12 (online)

N. Bay for KPFA has resurrected the KPFA Folio
with the help of former Editor, Ralph Steiner!

The first issue was distributed Dec. 11 & 12, 1999
at the KPFA Holiday Crafts Faire, and was mailed
out to the first set of subscribers December 22nd.

Issue two - January, 2000

Issue three - February, 2000

Issue four - March, 2000

Issue five - April, 2000

Issue six - May, 2000

Issue seven - June/July, 2000

Issue eight - August, 2000

Issue nine - September, 2000

Issue ten - October, 2000

Issue eleven - November, 2000

Issue twelve - December, 2000


 VOLUME 2 (online)
Issue one  -  June, 2001 (Online only)

To subscribe for six issues, please send a
 donation of $10 by check (or more if you
can afford it) payable to: 
North Bay for KPFA/Folio
Please mail with your name & address to :
Folio/Sonoma County Peace & Justice Center
540 Pacific Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Please write "KPFA Folio"on your check.


# 1: The listener lawsuit brought by the
to Remove the National
" was
FILED in Alameda County
Superior Court on 9/15 and
several board members just after the
September 17 National Board Meeting
was called into session! Discovery will
proceed in short order. Expect fireworks
sooner than later!!!

Please add your support; Donations are
needed to move discovery into high-gear.

# 2: A director's lawsuit brought by the two
members of the Pacifica Board - Robinson
and Kriegel, was filed
in Alameda County
Court. This brings to three, the
lawsuits directed at this board: from
listeners, from LAB members, and from
the board itself!


# 3: LAB Lawsuit against the Pacifica Board.
embers found to have legal standing. The trial is proceeding with depositions and discovery are well underway as of Dec. '00.

# 4:
KPFA - Democratized: LAB Elections!. As
October, 2000, drew to a close, the first LAB
listener/sponsor election in KPFA's 51 year
history was successfully concluded. Over
5500 votes were cast.

# 5: California Joint Legislative Audit
Committee Report document here.


 Publishing the Folio is essential to reforming the Pacifica Network.  The Folio
will serve as a communication tool between the individual Pacifica Stations
through monthly reports on Local Area Board meetings, local management decisions,
progress toward enfranchising sponsors, etc. The Folio will serve as a communication
tool between listeners and stations, and between listeners and listeners, that is not
 reliant on Internet accessibility.  

 The Folio will remain advertising-free, not for profit, and supported solely by its
 subscribers. There is no gag rule at the Folio.
For more information, call:
The Sonoma County Peace and Justice Center at:
or write us at:
North Bay for KPFA
540 Pacific Ave., Santa Rosa, CA 95404
or email us: