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Compiled by Gary D. Evans

Last Updated: March 22, 2019 9:21 AM

Anderson Collected letters
Coldicott, Anne-Louise List of Beethoven's dwellings -
Cooper Compendium
Soloman Biography
Soloman Essays
Kidderman Beethoven biography and musicology
Dane, Jeffrey "The Essays of Jeffrey Dane - Beethoven's Dwellings" 1999
Wegeler/Ries Beethoven Remembered
Sterba B. and his nephew
Schindler B. as I knew him
Hamberger B.letters, Journals, and Conversations
Scherman B.Companion
Riethmuller Beethoven Interpretationen seiner Werke
Kerman New Grove Beethoven -1994
Ludwig, E. Beethoven - Life of a Conqueror
Burk, John The Life and Works of Beethoven
Newman The Unconscious Beethoven
Cooper, M. Beethoven, The Last Decade 1817-1827
Breuning, G Memories of Beethoven
Sullivan Beethoven, His Spiritual Development
Schmidt-Gorg Beethoven Biography Bicentenial (Pub: Praeger)
Winter The Beethoven Quartet Companion
Chotzinoff Eroica, L.V. Beethoven's Life
Schauffler Teethoven The Man who Freed Music
Schlossler Beethoven - The First Biography
Beethoven Newsletter [Multiple] (Beethoven Society - all past issues to date)
Larsen, Lens New Grove - Haydn
Norton, C. 1983 p59-69
Polini CD (Cooper's info) Information present on alternate track of audio CD
Steichen, Dana Beethoven's Beloved 1959 Doubleday
Altman, Gail S. Beethoven: A Man of His Word (Undisclosed evidence for his Immortal Beloved) 1996 Anubian Press, Tallahassee, Florida ISBN 1-888071-01-X
Landon, H.C. Robbins Beethoven: A Documentary Study; New York: Collier Books, 1970
Sonneck Riddle of the Immortal Beloved c.1927 Schirmer, Inc. NY
Thayer, Alexander W. Thayer's Life of Beethoven; Editor Elliot Forbes; Princeton, 1970
Clausen, Bruce Edward NEED: Beethoven and the Psyches of the Keys" Ph.D, Univ. of S. Calif. 1988 DAI 50/1:14A [see B.Newsletter V7#3] Obtain from USC Micrographics Dept.
Czerny, Carl NEED: Memoirs 1842
Dane, Jeffrey NEED:"Beethoven Pianos" published by NY Museum of the American Piano