To Breitkopf & Härtel, Leipzig
Vienna, July 5, 1806

Anderson v1 pg150-151 - letter #132




       I inform you that my brother is travelling to Leipzig on business for his office and that I have given him a pianoforte arrangement of the overture to my opera, my oratorio [Op. 85], and a new pianoforte concerto [Op. 58] - Furthermore, you may discuss with him the question of new violin quartets, one of which I have already finished; [the first three of String Quartets Op. 59, begun May 26, 1806]; and indeed I am thinking of devoting myself almost entirely to this type of composition - As soon as you have come to an agreement with my brother, I will send you the whole pianoforte arrangement of the opera - and you can have the score as well -

       I hear that in the Musikalische Zeitung some one has railed violently against the symphony which I sent you last year and which you returned to me. [Op. 55] I have not read the article. If you fancy that you can injure me by publishing articles of that kind, you are very much mistaken. On the contrary, by so doing you merely bring your journal into disrepute, the more so as I have made no secret whatever of the fact that you returned to me that particular symphony together with some other compositions - Be so kind as to give my compliments to Herr von Rochlitz. I trust that his angry feelings about me will have subsided a little. Tell him that I am not quite so ignorant about foreign literature as not to know that Herr von Rochlitz has written some very fine articles and that, should I ever go to Leipzig, I am convinced that we should certainly become quite good friends, 'without prejudice to or disparagement of his criticism' - Please give my compliments also to the cantor Herr Müller, for whom I cherish a great regard - All good wishes.

                         With best respects your most devoted
                                                                 Ludwig van Beethoven

       Let me add that if the negotiations with my brother lead to a definite arrangement, I should like you to send me your printed scores of Haydn and Mozart.